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Morocco country of traditions and culture. It was still a kingdom and during the reign of Juba II became dependent on Rome. Then become Maurétanie Tingitane in 42 AD, monuments such as Volubilis and lexus bear witness to the heyday of the kingdom. Then passed under the dominance of the Vandals and the Byzantines. And since the advent of Islam in the 8th century, many
successive dynasties: the Idrissides, the Almoravids, the Almohads who during their reign; Morocco was a great empire which stretched from the Niger river in the south, to Poitiers (south of France) in the north, became interested in architecture Koutoubia and its twin the Giralda in Seville is proof of this, they had built the Menara basin which served as a drinking water reservoir for Marrakech, the Merinids, the Saadians … and the Alaouites, including the contemporary of Louis XIV, Moulay Ismail had founded Meknes the 4th imperial city, and which under his long reign of 57 years was signed a trade treaty with France in 1682, it was the king who asked for the hand of the daughter of Louis XIV.

Atlas Maroc is a Moroccan adventure tour operator, which provides services for tours and various trips in the desert and the Sahara.
The desert and southern Morocco are famous for many places in the stony desert and also for its sand dunes. The high dunes of Merzouga south of Arfoud a town well known for its
fossilized marbles. The dunes of Chgaga, the largest dunes in Morocco south of Zagora, from where the large sub-Saharan caravans left for Timbuktu in Mali, and the trip lasted 52 days.


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